How many acres do you need for a baseball field?

The space needed for a baseball diamond varies with the level of play. Generally speaking, more advanced leagues involve longer distances between bases and to the outfield wall (especially centerfield), requiring more acreage.

Here is a brief rundown of space requirements, based on level of competition:

LevelDistance Between BasesDistance to Centerfield WallAcres Needed
Major Leagues90 feet400 feet4.5 acres
Major Leagues90 feet400 feet4.5 acres
College90 feet400 feet4.5 acres
High School90 feet400 feet4.5 acres
Pony League80 feet315 feet3 acres
Bronco League70 feet275 feet2 acres
Little League60 feet215 feet1.5 acres
Pinto League50 feet200 feet<1.5 acres
Space Requirements for Baseball Fields by Competition Level