A grand slam in baseball is a home run hit with the bases loaded.

The net result is a four-run tally for the batter’s team, and often a quick trip to the showers for the opposing pitcher.

To state the obvious, no other single play in baseball can change the score as dramatically as a grand slam. And a “grand salami” can often change the course of an entire game — or series.

Famous Grand Slams

There are many, many grand slams that have had their moments — and then some — in the baseball spotlight. Here are just a few of them:

  • Fernando Tatis’ second grand slam of the third inning on April 23, 1999
  • Daniel Nava’s big fly in his first major league at-bat on June 12, 2010
  • Mickey Mantle‘s grand slam in Game 5 of the 1953 World Series
  • Dave McNally’s grand slam in Game 3 of the 1970 World Series … McNally was a pitcher!
  • Adam Dunn’s “utlimate” grand slam for the Reds against the Indians on June 30, 2006

Dunn’s blast was one of just 32 all-time ultimate grand slams — that would be a walk-off shot with the batter’s team trailing by three runs.

Grand Slam Champions

Here are the all-time leaders in grand slams hit, as of 2023:

  • Alex Rodriguez 25 grand slams
  • Lou Gehrig 23
  • Manny Ramírez 21
  • Eddie Murray 19
  • Willie McCovey 18dagger
  • Robin Ventura 18
  • Jimmie Foxx 17
  • Carlos Lee 17
  • Ted Williams 17
  • Hank Aaron 16
  • Dave Kingman 16
  • Babe Ruth 16
  • Albert Pujols 16