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Have you ever wondered what the most expensive baseball cards are right now?

That is, which cards are actually selling for the most money at any given point in time? finding the answer is a slightly different exercise than simply looking up baseball card values.

One of the best places to find that answer is in the “sold” listings on eBay, but it can be a chore to pick through all the thousands of lots on that site to find the most expensive cards for a given period of time

You’re in luck, though, because this page pulls together the 100 most expensive baseball cards to sell on eBay over the last 30 days … and it’s updated every day. You will always find the latest “big sellers” right here on this page. It’s an always-on snapshot of the hobby’s most valuable cards.

And, while none of these cards may be able to claim the title of Most Expensive Baseball Card Ever, they’re pretty amazing in their own right. And you never know — one of the cards on this list might break through to the top of the hobby someday!

So, on with the show!

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(Note: The listings below contain affiliate links to the sold eBay lots.)

100 Most expensive baseball cards sold on eBay from 03/26/2024 through 04/24/2024