Derek Jeter rookie cards have burned up hobby hotlists for nearly three decades now, and The Captain’s cardboard shows no sign of slowing down.

There’s good reason for that, too — by almost any measure, Jeter was one of the most successful players of all time, beginning with his 1995 American League Rookie of the Year Award, continuing on through five World Series titles with the New York Yankees, and culminating with his Hall of Fame election in 2020 (and Cooperstown enshrinement in 2021).

Along the way, Jeter amassed 3465 hits (sixth all-time), a .310 batting average, 14 All-Star selections, five Silver Slugger awards, and five Gold Gloves at shortstop.

So, yeah, his rookie cards, and most of his other cards, are collector favorites.

What follows are the eight most important Derek Jeter rookie cards, ranked by the “weight” assigned by PSA based on the grading and authentication they’ve done over the years.

Play ball!

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1993 SP Derek Jeter Foil (#279)

 1993 Sp Derek Jeter Foil

This, of course, is the Holy Grail of Jeter RCs and probably the most important card of the entire 1990s. Not only does this rookie feature arguably the most prominent member — and The Captain! — of a modern baseball dynasty, but it’s also tough to find in top condition.

Thanks, dark borders and foil coating!

Add in SP’s status as a key entry in the super-premium market by the manufacturer who got the whole high-end card ball rolling (Upper Deck), and you have a rookie card that stacks up with the greatest and most impactful of all time.

Even in PSA 8 condition, this one is hedging past $800 and toward a grand as 2021 enters its final stretch. Jump up to PSA 9, and you’re looking at a $10,000+ card.

And a copy in PSA 10?

Good luck finding that one … but if you do, make sure you have a cool half a million (or more!) in your back pocket if you want to walk away with the prize.

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1993 Stadium Club Derek Jeter Murphy (#117)

 1993 Stadium Club Derek Jeter Murphy

Topps foray into the super rich end of the market entered its third year with Stadium Club in 1993

And, while the passing decades have shown us that those early nineties SC issues weren’t really all that scarce, there were some nuances here and there that registered as something a bit more special.

That’s what we have here in this Jeter Draft Pick card that was part of the hobby-only “Murphy” issue in 1993. This 200-card set was issued in a molded-plastic replica of Jack Murphy Stadium, home of the 1992 All-Star Game.

Most importantly, we know how many of these things were printed, as Topps announced the production run at 128,000 sets. That’s a big gob but still about a third of the 1992 “Dome’ version (honoring the Toronto SkyDome).

So, while this Jeter rookie card isn’t exactly rare, at least we have a good idea of how many are running around out there.

Expect prices around $125 (PSA 8), $250 (PSA 9), and nearly $1000 (PSA 10).

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1993 Bowman Derek Jeter (#511)

 1993 Bowman Derek Jeter

By 1993, Topps had done a masterful job in moving their revived and revamped Bowman brand to the top(ps) of the heap when it came to rookie cards of hot young players.

And, with a simple design, improved photography, and a continued emphasis on packing as many RCs as possible onto the checklist, ’93 Bowman was popular with hobbyists right out of the gate (and the pack).

As a first-round pick of the Yanks, Jeter was a big pull from the beginning, and the stature of this card only climbed over the years as Mr. November built his legacy.

These days, Jeter’s Bowman RC sells for under $100 in PSA 9 but upwards of $600 in PSA 10.

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1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter (#457)

 1993 Pinnacle Derek Jeter

If you made baseball cards in the 1990s, you had to get in on the premium-card rush, right?


So, in 1992, Score jumped in with its black-bordered Pinnacle set that featured anti-counterfeit bar codes on card backs that could be verified by viewing them with a Lenticular detection device — real Batman-level gadgetry, I tell you.

Pinnacle was back in 1993 with all the same bells and whistles, AND with a Derek Jeter rookie card … and with big production numbers.

Like always, though, the black borders make for condition sensitivity and render the Derek RC about a $1000 buy in PSA 10, dropping off fast to $100 or so in PSA 9.

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1993 Score Derek Jeter Draft Pick (#489)

1993 Score Derek Jeter Draft Pick

Like most of its issues, 1993 Score featured good photography, a fairly clean design, and an overall ho-hum experience for collectors.

This Jeter Draft Pick card, though, doesn’t really fit with any of that, as it’s heavy on loud, bold, and gaudy design elements.

Still, as the first base Score card of The Captain, it checks in at about $45 in PSA 9 condition and more than $200 in PSA 10.

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1993 Select Derek Jeter (#360)

 1993 Select Derek Jeter

Nothing like a run of Score cards to make you feel like you’re living in the 1990s, so here we bring you the 1993 Score Select Jeter to complete our flush.

Positioned between Pinnacle and the base Score in terms of premium-ness, Select aimed to hit the middle ground and bring higher-grade cards to collectors without breaking the bank. The brand even pioneered its own printing process — Dufex!

Jeter got his own slice of the 405-card issue, checking in around $40 in PSA 9, with PSA 10 copies pulling down $300-500 (depending on the day and the wind patterns).

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1993 Topps Derek Jeter (#98)

 1993 Topps Derek Jeter

Even though it’s “just” a base Topps card, this Jeter RC is one of the most recognizable hobby images of the entire 1990s.

Looking back and considering all the championships, it also seems fitting that Jeter is standing, dominant, over the diamond.

Expect prices to range from about $85 for PSA 9 copies, up to the $600 neighborhood for “perfect” GEM-MT slabbed specimens.

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1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter (#449)

 1993 Upper Deck Derek Jeter

Issued just four years after the iconic Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card set Upper Deck on the path to hobby superstardom, this Jeter RC hails from the same general era, even if it pales in overall stature.

Still, this is a great shot of a young, soon-to-be legend donning the Yankees pinstripes on a sunny day. What could be better?

This is a $60 card in PSA 9, pushing towards $500 (or even beyond) in PSA 10.

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