If you’re a fan of America’s Team, then it’s almost a sure bet you’ll be shopping for a Dallas Cowboys lamp at some point in your life.

Heck, even if the ‘Boys aren’t necessarily your first rooting interest, you could do worse than adding a splash of light to your Dallas Cowboys man cave with a little Blue and Silver. And that big star is about as iconic as logos come, right?

And, even if you don’t want to light up the world with Cowboys colors, you’re bound to run into a friend or family member who does, and the right lamp can make a great gift … even if it pains you.

Here, then, are ten top choices to consider when you’re looking for a Dallas Cowboys lamp, no matter where you plan to stick it.

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Dallas Cowboys 21″ Glass Table Lamp

Take your abode’s decor to the next level and let everyone know your fandom is real with this Dallas Cowboys 21″ Glass Table Lamp! With a glass base and alternating blue and white glass panes in the shade, this one is the Tiffany of America’s Team lamps.

Dallas Cowboys Lamp

Imperial Dallas Cowboys Chrome Desk Lamp

This sleek Chrome Desk Lamp from Imperial would look right at home in your office or living room, but it’s a perfect addition to your Dallas Cowboys man cave. And, with crisp team graphics and a convenient USB charging station at the base, this one lets you power up in style while the ‘Boys light your way.

Dallas Cowboys Lamp

Imperial Dallas Cowboys 42” Billiard Lamp

This 42” Billiard Lamp from Imperial will smack you in the face with its big, bold Cowboys logo and colors as soon as you walk into the room. Perfect to hang over your Dallas Cowboys pool table, this one would also fit along any wall of your fan cave, and its close-to the ceiling design keeps it out of the way of foot traffic.

Dallas Cowboys Lamp

Dallas Cowboys Magma Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

The Cowboys really rose to national prominence in the 1970s, about the same time the lava lamp was sweeping across America and into dark dens filled with whatever kind of smoke you might imagine. Now you can get all nostalgic for that period while also celebrating the latest home decor with this Dallas Cowboys Magma Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker that lets you listen to tunes — or the game — while pondering what shape might appear next.

Dallas Cowboys Lamp

FOCO NFL Unisex-Adult NFL Team Helmet Desk Light

The Cowboys took on the “America’s Team” moniker during the Disco Decade, and this almost eerie Cowboys team helmet desk lamp may remind you of another 1970s pop culture icon — Star Wars. No, it’s not really a hologram, and Obi-Wan probably won’t appear, but this one could be the only hope to light the dark corners of you fan cave.

Pegasus Sports NFL Rotating Levitating Hover Helmet with LED Lighting

Is this the next level in sports memorabilia? Hover Helmets are a new, unique way to display your team pride, with patented technology that allows the helmet to levitate and spin in mid-air continually, no strings attached! The Hover Helmet design begins with a four inch, 1/2 scale helmet, then adds in LED lighting located in the base of the stand to illuminate the helmet. Once plugged in, the helmet will hover and rotate indefinitely. Your new levitating miniature football helmet will be the talk of the man cave! 

Littlearth NFL Dallas Cowboys Star Lantern, Team Color, One Size

Littlearth’s Paper Star Lantern radiates an amazing warm glow from its Blue and Silver arms, lighting up your man cave with Cowboys glitter. And, though the Star is available for other teams, too, it seems tailor made for a Dallas Display, don’t you think?

Pegasus Sports NFL Rotating Levitating Hover Football with Bluetooth Speaker, LED Lighting and USB Charge Port

Like the levitating helmet above, the Hover Football is an almost magical piece of lighting that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. The football hovers over a team-specific football field with magnetic force, while the LED light shines down from above. The base includes on/off light switch, USB charging port, and Bluetooth speaker. The only drawback? This one may cause enough of a stir that the it’ll be tough to keep the chatter down during the game.

Queen Sense 14″x10″ Cowboys Neon Sign Light Man Cave Bar Pub Beer Gift Neon Lamp

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name … and that shouldn’t be a problem when you give your own Dallas Cowboys man cave a pub-y feel with this 14″x10″ neon blue sign with a metal frame. This one comes with a chain, so it can be mounted on the wall/window, or placed on any flat surface. Cheers!

Dallas Cowboys Lamp

Party Animal NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Night Light

This officially licensed 5″ night light features the iconic Cowboys colors and logo, while long-lasting LED lights means no bulbs to replace. Three light settings — On, Off, and Auto — let you adjust your space lighting, and the light sensor automatically activates at dusk in auto mode. This light plugs into any standard wall outlet, so you could just use one or two as night lights OR you could deploy an army of them to provide unique ligthing for your fan cave.

Dallas Cowboys Lamp

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