When Fleer and Donruss toppled Topps’ monopoly in 1981, both upstarts directly targeted The Old Gum Company’s business model. Not only did both companies issue wax packs with more cards than their stodgy counterpart (18 per pack for Donruss, 17 per pack for Fleer), but they also included a stick of gum in each pack.

After some legal wrangling, though, Topps emerged with exclusive rights to include confections with their cards, leaving Fleer and Donruss searching for an alternative.

Fleer opted to add a rather boring run of team logo stickers to their wax packs in 1982, but Donruss came up with something more … well … Donruss-y.

In particular, they commissioned Hall of Fame sports artist Dick Perez to paint not only the Diamond Kings cards that fronted the 1982 Donruss set, but also a special “Hall of Fame Diamond King” rendering of the great Babe Ruth. Then they sliced and diced that masterpiece into 21 three-piece “puzzle cards” and inserted one into each wax pack.

This was the beginning of a decade-long association between Donruss and Perez-Steele galleries that would produce scores of active Diamond Kings — purportedly the key player from each team each year — plus 17 puzzles.

Below is a complete listing of those puzzles, along with a picture of each.

(Click section headings to see current eBay listings for each puzzle.)

And who knows? With Panini’s resurrection of the Donruss brand, maybe we haven’t seen the end of these Perez-crafted puzzles just yet!

1982 Donruss – Babe Ruth

1982 Donruss Babe Ruth Puzzle















1983 Donruss – Ty Cobb



1983 Donruss Action All Stars – Mickey Mantle

1984 Donruss – Duke Snider

1984 Donruss Action All Stars – Ted Williams
















1985 Donruss – Lou Gehrig

1986 Donruss – Hank Aaron

1987 Donruss – Roberto Clemente

1988 Donruss – Stan Musial

1989 Donruss – Warren Spahn

1990 Donruss – Carl Yastrzemski

1990 Leaf – Yogi Berra

1990 Donruss Leaf Yogi Berra Perez-Steele Hall of Fame Diamond King Puzzle
















1991 Donruss – Willie Stargell

1991 Donruss Studio – Rod Carew

1991 Leaf – Harmon Killebrew

1992 Donruss – Rod Carew

2002 Donruss Originals – Ted Williams











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