Bowman baseball cards have been part of the modern hobby right from the very beginning, helping collectors get their cardboard engines revving again after World War II.

Indeed, along with Leaf, the 1948 Bowman set broke a long hiatus for major sets, stretching back to Play Ball in 1941. And even before that, the Great Depression took a big bite out of the fledgling hobby, with card production curtailed through most of the 1930s (along with just about every other type of production).

Bringing bubble gum and baseball cards together as Americans got back on their feet following a generation of hardships, Bowman helped ignite the hobby as we know it today.

And, of course, the battles that ensued with Topps not only eventually spelled the end for Bowman but also really helped the standrards for what we expect to find in our wax packs for decades to come.

What follows is a complete rundown of our posts dedicated to Bowman baseball cards — enjoy reading all the details, and check back often because we’re always adding to and updating these posts.