You might find this shocking given the subject matter here at Wax Pack Gods, but I spent a good hunk of my late childhood collecting baseball cards.

I was hardcore, man, and my peak collecting years lined up almost exactly with the 1980s baseball card boom.

From about 1983 through about 1991, I was as deep into the hobby as a teenage boy could ever have a right to expect to be.

Every cent I could get my hand on, every gift request, virtually every weekend went to building my collection.

New cards, old cards, complete sets, player collections, oddballs … I wanted all of it, and I landed a lot of it.

Eventually, of course, college and grad school and my girl and my son took over, and the cards got left behind.

baseball cards closet 1

Sort of.

Thing is, those babies have been here with me all along. I’ve lugged them through all the various moves and family milestones over the years.

I still have all of my boyhood baseball cards, in other words.

Even in my heyday, though, I never really had them all organized. Sure, I had my Pete Rose and Mike Schmidt collections in a special place, and I had my complete sets together here and there, but …

Mostly, the cards ended up in monster boxes or 800-count boxes or plastic snap-cases or even shoe boxes.

Everything is still the same today, jammed in various nooks and crannies of our house, like you see above. Or like you see here …

baseball cards closet 2

They’re kind of everywhere, and my wife has been very reasonable about dancing around them over the years.

In fact, she’s been helping with some articles and videos for the site in the past couple of months, and she recently said something that resonated with me …

“Why don’t you organize your cards? You know, display them or something?”

Huh? Come again?

I mean, if Mrs. Wax Pack Gods is into it, maybe I should consider it.

Dust off all the old boxes, sort everything up, figure out what we’ve got, load up some albums, build out some wall displays.

It sounds like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Last time I counted my collection — which was a thing in the 1980s — I was around a quarter million cards.

Yeah, a lot of work. But I’m thinking about it.

So … what do you think?

baseball cards closet 3

Should I resurrect my boyhood collection, make it shine again — or for some of the cards, for the first time?

And if I do, is that a process you’d want to watch — in blog posts, on Twitter, on YouTube?

Let me know what you think in the comments below (or @WaxPackGods on Twitter or by email at