1982 Topps Unopened Wax Case (20 boxes)

1982 Topps Baseball 20 Wax Box

What treasure card could be discovered in this 20-box case of 1982 Topps baseball cards? There could be a coveted Bob Bonner rookie card only slight marred by the presence of Cal Ripken. Or how about the Bob Tuffs trio card with cameos by Chili Davis and Bob Brenly? If your itching to tear into these 20 mint packs to see who turns up, this case could be yours, and it’s BBCE certified!

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Unopened 1974 Topps Wax Box

1974 topps baseball unopened wax box

Do you like your Padres in San Diego or your Nationals in Washington? And which will this box yield? And … will you pull rookie cards of the Daves … Winfield and Parker? Only one way to find out!

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1977 Topps Unopened Wax Box

1977 topps baseball unopened wax box

Remember when Dale Murphy was a catcher? 1977 Topps does, and also presents rookie cards of Andre Dawson and Mark Fidrych. Or will Yaz Turn Back the Clock to find your gem in this box?

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1954 Topps Autographed Hank Aaron Rookie Card

It’s the age-old question — should you get that big-name rookie card autographed? Purists might say, “no way,” but it hasn’t hurt this PSA 6.5 with authenticated sig any, judging by the asking price. Both the card and the sticker are sights to behold.

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1978 Topps Uncut Sheet w/

The 1978 Topps baseball card set is loaded with rookie cards, including Paul Molitor, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Lance Parrish, Bo Diaz, and Jack Morris, along with a second-year Dale Murphy — which he just happens to share with Parrish and Diaz. Amazingly, you get all of those guys plus plenty of others on this one glorious uncut sheet.

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Uncut Sheet of 12 Autographed Nabisco Duke Snider Baseball Cards

Willie, Mickey, and the Duke may have ruled center field in New York during the 1950s, but Snider fell short of his counterparts when it came to career numbers. The Duke does have one advantage, though — he’s the only one of the three that you can find in this lot of 12 Nabisco baseball cards in uncut form, each one autographed. Flatbush Forever!

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1953 Red Man Tobacco Partial Set

Red Man was one of the last, if not the last, tobacco company to issue baseball cards, and these painted beauties have become hobby classics over the years. This partial set contains 46 of a possible 52 cards, admittedly in kinda rough shape. Still, these things look great!

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Collection of 4000 Autographed Baseball Cards

There’s not much more exciting for a collector than coming across a mounded pile of baseball cards that give you just a hint of what’s there — colorful border here, a card-back cartoon there. Imagine how much more fun it would be if you found yourself in the midst of about 4000 cards, they were all autographed, and they were jammed with superstars, Hall of Famers, and rookies. Yeah, that’s this lot.

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1986 Topps Baseball Vending Case (12,000 cards)

The 1986 Topps baseball card set is not the greatest when it comes to rookie card selection, but this vending case still offers up 12,000 cards that are more than 30 years old at this point. And besides, who can resist that Lenny Dykstra first-year card or the bazillion Pete Rose tributes in this issue?

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